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The Dialects of Hip Hop: Sarah Meier on the disparity of hip-hop in the Philippines →

From the middle of the article:

Like I was saying, my infrequent pedestrian self may not be the most accurate representation of the average Filipino person. In reality, Hip Hop is experienced not just as a passenger in vehicles, but on a multitude of levels across the country, quite subjective to either social class or proximity to Manila — our nation’s capital.
To be quite frank with you, the poorer you are, the more real it gets, I guess. Though that statement in itself opens up an entirely separate discussion (does Jay-Z’s music, for example, alter in authenticity if it’s being played off a secondhand boom box in the slums of Tondo, versus on a private yacht in Cebu?), the echoing of the founding essence of Hip Hop is directly proportionate to how my people experience it.

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