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I was waiting for something/someone to turn the shitstorm that happened earlier today into an amazing night and I wished for Cebu lechon.
Lucky me, dinner was at Zubuchon - among Cebu’s most celebrated lechon restaurants. The lechon was perfect: crunchy skin, super soft and tasty meat just the way I remember it. Also got to taste lechon dinuguan and lechon-stuffed grilled squid. You read that last dish right. My tastebuds donned shiny costumes then danced the samba.
But the real winner was their Santol drink. Yep, Santol slices complete with the seed swimming in sweet ice-cold Santol juice. I will be craving this in Manila so bad.
Winner too was Ms. Ganzo (who recommended the Santol drink). A renaissance woman who we had the pleasure of having a dinner conversation that’s among the most interesting I’ve had in weeks. Thanks, Nan.
After that, college friends reunion time! Enjoyed the atmosphere at The Outpost. It’s like Cubao X but everyone talks in Cebuano!
Cheap ass phone bought (and I’m re-learning non-qwerty texting), Cebu lechon craving satisfied and the promise of more adventures — 2 more days in Cebu!

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